Run For Your Life: A Love Story (YANAPOP)

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Run For Your Life: A Love Story (YANAPOP)

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Over The Top & Beyond. Are you having fun yet? If not, please join us in reading a novel that's more like a summer movie in a book.

In The Imaginative Traditions of… Following is a list of wonderful films you might want to think about as you decide to devote a few hours of your precious time to having the most fun in a long time. Or, as we say on the Left Coast, you'll go from fun to funner to funnest. Honest.

Author's Favorite Dark Comedy Film. Martin Scorsese's 1985 classic After Hours easily tops the bill. All-star cast includes Cheech & Chong, Griffin Dunne, Rosanna Arquette, Linda Fiorentino, and Teri Garr to name a few. It's dark, sophisticated, funny, and totally over the top. Like so much of the better material we are force-fed with fire hoses by the media, this one was initially not understood by audiences, although the smarter critics loved it, and predictably today it's a cult classic.

Our Next Effing Cult Classic. We hope the Fahrenheit 451 types wake up, read it, smell the coffee, and then create your next incredibly misunderstood—but then fanatically beloved—strange movie we never knew we couldn't live without. Here's a list of some other classics that the author wants you to think about so you understand where YANAPOP fits in the scream of things.

Typical Steps. Where have we heard it before? Blade Runner, They Live, Dark City, Groundhog Day, Holiday in Barfalona*, you name it. The list is not endless, but preciously short actually. There aren't that many movies (or novels) of this particular flavor, caliber, and espresso aroma.

Author's YANAPOP Moment. John Argo, who haunts coffee shops and bookstores, had a flash of inspiration while laughing about publishers' desperate marketing attempts. If they were successful with Young Adult fiction (high school age), then why not push ahead with New Adult fiction (college or enlistee age). While rolling on the floor convulsing, as store clerks administered java inhalers and I.V. espressos, a vision popped into John Argo's head: YANAPOP (Young Adult, New Adult, Participating Older Persons). A nearby lady commented: "Or pissed off people," in a common reaction to media lubrication for profit. He wrote the novel in less than a week, but of course did a spell check and ran it by a professional editor who had to be taken by taxi to urgent care with bruised ribs from laughing her ace off. In the end (no pun intended), nobody understood the title so it was tweaked a bit to the present Run For Your Life: A Love Story but it's still YANAPOP under the hood. Click to read a Synopsis.

Author's Favorite.

*Holiday in Barf-Alona. Okay, maybe not (yet). We who barf together spray together. Or whatever. WTF. Let it all hang out. Loosen up & have some laughs.


Young Adult, New Adult, Participating Older Persons

Run For Your Life: A Love Story (YANAPOP)